About Us


Adele Schachner Architecture & Interiors is a boutique design firm led by Adele Schachner, principal Architect, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating with honors at New York Institute of Technology in New York City, and recognized for her astounding talent and vision, Adele began her career working in the Brooklyn high end residential market, and commercial school buildings and structures. Since starting her own firm, she has transformed a Times Square hotel in New York City, re-envisioned multiple commercial buildings/properties in Newark, NJ and continues to create groundbreaking designs that are recognized by their innovation and daring yet functional aesthetic. She is widely recognized for her work in Newark, NJ and downtown Brooklyn, but has also been commissioned to work on select high end residences in Pomona, NY and Nyack, NY.

The Adele Schachner brand is defined by operational expertise and the unique experience the firm creates. Combining personal, individualized and unique spaces based on modern trends, and city-specific influences, her designs incorporate innovation and vision with practical application. Her groundbreaking concepts and detailed applications have made Adele Architecture and Interiors a well-known, leading architecture firm in the NY metro area.

“A well designed building makes one that inhabits it feel something. It may be awe or security or comfort or peace or even excitement. As a visitor you may not be able to pinpoint why you feel it, but you know you feel it. That’s our goal as architects, to achieve the desired feeling every time someone walks into one of our spaces.”

Adele schachner